Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Campus Submissions

I've just recently entered some poetry into my college campus magazine.  I'll block it off as two separate posts.  Enjoy.

Entry 1:

Journey into June

The pond churns eagerly
Bubbling for embrace
Embodied in droning hums

I call out to it,
Screeches of an unborn man
Yearning to battle white bellied monsters
And adorn wings of flight
Through wet June, I recall

My brain raps toward unyielding
Devotion for this pleasure
But time progresses as a journey
And pulls me from my oasis
To a palace ruled by foreign entities
Who bare dreary contempt
They charade, inviting me
To be encumbered by them
I sip their nectar and it taints, slightly
I feel the black sting and
Become washed in darkness, silence

The ringing of a guru paces
In my mind as I drift tethered to my body
But I possess no command
I fill my love and loved ones too
With the poison of deceit I’ve been given

My corpse is reeled
And I am paralyzed
I scream as blood pours from me
The emperor is a trickster

“Save me!” I call
I fall to death, spiraling
Indistinguishable figures appear
As I descend the bottomless hole
It becomes too vast to find salvation

My blood pervades, pouring from my eyes
Vomit trails my path and bathes me
My innards are a twisted lot
I am left without solace to scream indefinitely

But my love reaches to aid me
Despite my spite and I find myself
In the light of another morning
Free from the damned palace
Live at the water which I had found the guru
At the bottom of the pit I am back to beauty


  1. Good stuff, man. I enjoy your style.

  2. I think I prefer this one to the other. I really like the beginning, good work