Saturday, October 9, 2010

Just because I love Courage

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Fresh as a Roman Fresco

Read more! The fresco is as ancient as 30,000 years old.  The first paintings being found in the Chauvet cave in France as shown below.


However, I want to focus on a particular type of fresco.  These were buried by Mt. Vesuvius in 79 CE when it erupted, after decimating Pompeii and Herculaneum, along with everything and everyone around it like a holocaust of hellfire.  They've since been discovered in the 18th century, and are made by painting upon wet plaster.  Though the technique used is lost, as these frescoes are even better preserved than any we make today.  

Owait.  That not fresco.
Pompeii itself was a vibrant city which was something of a merchant town.  One of its specialties involved frescoes which depicted goods and services, especially those which were raw and pornographic, indicating the highest quality of service one could ever hope for.

What's the point?  Enjoy the frescoes and triforce.  Peace.

Want elaboration?  I drew on this article for much of my information, and credit them:

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Our Throats Make Splendrous Noises

Read more! Here's something I'm sure a lot of you have heard about, but don't think of too often. So I'm here to bring you a bit of cultural entertainment. Inuit throat singing!

Described as: "Iniut Throat Singers at Labrador Idol (Youth Symposium 2007)"
If you can't feel this then you are paralyzed my friend!

Another sweet ass video of throat singing. This one I thoroughly enjoyed. The audio is decent quality and the background information illuminates the mind as you listen to the song.

Kongar-ol Ondar! This was the first video of throat singing that I've seen, and I dug it so hard. I've been Googling around and haven't been able to identify the instrument he uses, except that its a three stringed and of Tuvian craft.

Finally; I probably dig this one the most. It's done with a band and has great sound. The stage presence is beautiful.

If you guys have found any sweet throat singing videos you should definitely post links in your comments. I hope you enjoyed what I've found, its a good collection of both amateur and professional western Inuits and eastern natives.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bill O'Reilly is getting his mojo back!

Read more! Should I do it guys?  I think I'm going to dive into politics, just for the sake of Fox News, and because I have nothing better to post. I promise I won't do this again for a while because it is mostly baseless shit slinging.

It seems like Bill O'Reilly is starting to get some of his thunder back from Glenn Beck, who for a very long time has been holding dominion over the entire conservative spot light. He's doing it in a big way too. In a way I can respect that Bill will have a conversation from some of the people from the center and the left, and of that I want to present to you two videos from The O'Reilly Factor. That of Bill Maher and Jon Stewart.

In the Maher video we see a pretty fair back and forth. You can see in a few spots where O'Reilly fishes for Maher to put the blame on Obama. I tend to agree with Maher's statement that our president uses his brain, not his gut, and it's definitely a good thing.

I think the racist element of Obama's opposition is something of a farce. Yes, probably 5-10% of the Tea Party are absolute bigots, but its more about their neo-conservative tendencies, and its a push back against the sweeping support for Obama in 2008. I'm just wondering why he didn't point to Bush unpaid tax cuts as a huge point of spending from the Bush White House.

I thought all in all that O'Reilly gave Maher a fair shake, though he did try to bait him a few times... but I guess that's politics?

Next we have the Jon Stewart video:
Note: this is the aired version, the extended video is available online at Fox News

In here we see Bill O'Reilly taking on Jon Stewart. I say that because it feels less like an interview, and more like an interrogation. Bill jumps in with 'Obama remorse'. Jon retorts by saying that he has more McCain remorse. Expounding upon the fact that we need a 'reconstruction'. O'Reilly refers to his fan base as 'the folks'. Suggesting that people who listen to him are superior to O'Reilly. But O'Reilly finally revealed the extremism of 'the folk' by stating that he'd be stoned to death if he showed up at the Bold and Fresh tour.

"Would you vote for the witch or the Marxist?" Bill asked, and after some back and forth and mentioning of The Rally to Restore Sanity Jon replies "And by the way, I'm sure that is in no way a pejorative way to describe him."

Then the interview wraps up before they go on to talk about Jon's book.

Also some extra curricular if you're interested:

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Campus Submissions cont'd

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Son to a Mother of Benevolence

A quiet suppressed feeling is a rolling boil, simmering
Cycles have passed and nostalgia I am awash with
This Summer day is the same as any other,
Yet it is true to itself, an unwavering soul

I am feeling restrained, withheld
It is impossible to locate, pinpoint this feeling
But I know I cannot fly
My  beard is not even a solvent to this glue

The drops begin to commensurate me into their arms
Nature envelops me in her love
Touching me with calming warmth and cooling breath
Misting me, ensuring that I am keen to her presence

The grass grows and tells me that I am safe
Today will not be the slaughter of a drought

The cool pervades sweltering heat and meshes with my body,
A perfect cycle is around me – and within me

She becomes more aberrant, punishing with streaking hail
She is more difficult to cope with, yet I bear witness

I continue to weather her with my manmade
Devices, bestowed to me by her majesty
My awning and armchair protect me
The roaring boil smoothes to a simmer again

And continues to nourish the kingdom
Mushroom caps become as trees, tall, vast
The stench becomes mellow and moldy
And it comforts me

Soil becomes muck, and sets the mood for dreariness:
So long as the attitude we hold is of want

Want for comforts, and shelters
Want for mud free carpets
Want for dry clothing
Want for liberation from that which allows the stalks
To grow, be eaten, nourish, and be recycled
I find myself being consumed by the sludge
And quenched by the rain
Rivers and tributaries form in the soil
As they erode the ground they’ve fallen upon

I feel well
For time is ever progressing,
And my time is not of want
I live
"Here comes the sun.”

Campus Submissions

Read more! I've just recently entered some poetry into my college campus magazine.  I'll block it off as two separate posts.  Enjoy.

Entry 1:

Journey into June

The pond churns eagerly
Bubbling for embrace
Embodied in droning hums

I call out to it,
Screeches of an unborn man
Yearning to battle white bellied monsters
And adorn wings of flight
Through wet June, I recall

My brain raps toward unyielding
Devotion for this pleasure
But time progresses as a journey
And pulls me from my oasis
To a palace ruled by foreign entities
Who bare dreary contempt
They charade, inviting me
To be encumbered by them
I sip their nectar and it taints, slightly
I feel the black sting and
Become washed in darkness, silence

The ringing of a guru paces
In my mind as I drift tethered to my body
But I possess no command
I fill my love and loved ones too
With the poison of deceit I’ve been given

My corpse is reeled
And I am paralyzed
I scream as blood pours from me
The emperor is a trickster

“Save me!” I call
I fall to death, spiraling
Indistinguishable figures appear
As I descend the bottomless hole
It becomes too vast to find salvation

My blood pervades, pouring from my eyes
Vomit trails my path and bathes me
My innards are a twisted lot
I am left without solace to scream indefinitely

But my love reaches to aid me
Despite my spite and I find myself
In the light of another morning
Free from the damned palace
Live at the water which I had found the guru
At the bottom of the pit I am back to beauty